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AYSO EXTRAa PROGRESSIVE PLAYER PROGRAM, is designed for players who have the interest, skills and abilities and want to enhance their experience and individual growth through soccer while retaining the spirit of and organization membership in AYSO. EXTRA is not designed to overshadow or harm the standard primary program – rather the goal is to strengthen AYSO by recruiting and retaining players and volunteers through providing more competitive play the AYSO way – all EXTRA programs embrace the Six Philosophiesof AYSO.     

EXTRA Season will be beginning mid August for the Fall  Season.  EXTRA \will be reforming and creating NEW teams for the Fall 2014/2015 Season. 

EXTRA 2014/2015 Season -

Thank You to all the participants for trying out for the 2014/2015 season!


All EXTRA teams have been formed and players have been notified.  An email was sent to all players who signed up and tried out for EXTRA.  If you did not receive a telephone call from a coach or an email, please contact David Survillas at extraselectcoord1@ayso47.org.  Thank You (Posted 7/11/14)

EXTRA Practice and teams will commence August 1st, 2014.
All  players MUST be registered to participate with any practices and/or team events.

Coaches - Team Registration and Player Cards should be being prepared.
Player Commitment Letters - pending

EXTRA Forms and Links - Also see "Resources" Page

 Section 1 EXTRA East (Schedules/Stats/League Information)

 Coach & Assistant Coach Badges 2014/2015 Season  

  Player ID Badges 2014/2015 Season. 

 Coaching Application  - Accepting Applications now for the upcoming 2014/2015 season.  All Coaches MUST apply.  Deadline for Applications Is 4/30/14.

Why Choose AYSO EXTRA 

 AREA 1R    -  EXTRA is a AREA 1R Program.  This season the East & West Circuit will be joining forces and we will be posting a NEW site.OTHER FORMS:

 Player Tryout Request Evaluation -  Not Available at this time