Volunteer Schedule

AYSO Region 47 Volunteer Schedule – Spring 2014 - Week #1


Parents and team supporters – Thank you for your participation! What you do in your volunteer assignments this week will be what others will be doing for you in the weeks to come.

Please provide FOUR (4) volunteers from your team for your assigned duty. They will need 2 copies of completed, printed and signed volunteer forms from eAYSO when they report to either the Snack Bar or the Information Booth at their assigned times.

The 12-2 Field Duty assignments involve retrieving and emptying trash cans (if you meet the requirements, there is a high likelihood of volunteers being assigned golf carts in this assignment), taking down nets and poles and storing them in the nets bin and picking up any waste you see on the fields (gloves are available from the Info. Booth).

The minimum age for our volunteers is 13 (although no one under 18 is permitted to handle cash in the Snack Bar) and, for volunteers who are under 14, parental co-volunteering is strongly encouraged.

Volunteers working the 12-close field duty assignment will receive a special thank-you gift from Region 47 at the end of their shift.

Thank you!