Contact Information

Board Members

Commissioner Cathy Crowder
Assistant Commissioner 1 Terry Kelly
Assistant Commissioner 2 Roy Reed
Operations Dave Johnson
Secretary Michelle Survillas
Registrar Sarah Forrest
Purchaser Jamie Crabtree  
Treasurer Bree Lujan
Coach Administrator Rob Cross
Asst. Coach Administrator Dave Survillas
Referee Administrator Travis Randel
Asst Referee Administrator Rick Lozano
Director of Referee Assessment Mark Weidhase
Director of Referee Instruction Michael Orr
CVPA Alfred Moore
Safety Director Jay Kelly
Statistician/Scheduler Nick Thompson
Fields Coordinator Joe Gutierrez
Snackbar Coordinator Jenny & Rick Lozano
ExtraSelect Director Debra Johnson
ExtraSelect Coordinator 1 Dave Survillas
ExtraSelect Coordinator 2 Marcus Malteses
Chief Coordinator Terri Cross
VIP Administrator Susan Sheehan
Locomotion Director Roy Reed


Coach Trainer Brad Crowder
Asst. Coach Administrator David Survillas  
Volunteer Coordinator Andy Bryant
Youth Referee Josh Tick
Fundraising & Vendor Coordinator Rachel Montoya
ExtraSelect Treasurer Valorie Piper
ExtraSelect Admin 1 Sabrina Manning
EXTRA/Select Referee Coordinator Dennis Pope  
Referee Assessment Coordinator Steven Tick  
 U5 Assistant/Admin Jennifer Johnson 
 U6 Boys & Girls Coordinator Pending
 U8 Boys & Girls Coordinator

U10 Boys & Girls Coordinator

U12 Boys & Girls Coordinator

U14 Boys & Girls Coordinator
 U16/U19 Boys & Girls Pending
Picture Day Coordinator Kristine Miller
Social Media Mark Parker

Open Positions

 Regional Auditor OPEN POSITION  Requires being trained and being able to reconcile monthly bank statements.  If you are interested email or
 Division Coordinators  OPEN POSITIONS for Spring  Help us create teams for the Fall season.  Contact, or  Training is Free and fun!
 EXTRA/Select Treasurer OPEN POSITION Will assist Regional Treasurer and handle the EXTRA/Select Team Accounts.

NG 2014 Venue Chair Debra Johnson