National Games


Purpose of AYSO National Games:
The National Games (“Games”) shall offer an opportunity to bring together different Regions and Sections to share in the diverse soccer culture of the AYSO family. This occasion focuses on sportsmanship, team spirit and making new friends through the activities and events that are offered during this week long event. The Games should not be interpreted nor represented as any form of an AYSO national championship

Coaches have been selected to represent Riverside for the upcoming 2014 National Games:
Congratulations to the following selected coaches:

BOYS Teams Participating in the National Games:
U10 Boys - EXTRA Coach: Rob Cross - Advanced Coach
Assistant Coach: Tom Forrest -Intermediate Coach

U14 Boys - EXTRA Coach: Brad Crowder - Advanced Coach
Assistant Coach: Gabe Gutierrez - Advanced Coach

GIRLS Teams Participating in the National Games:
U10 Girls - EXTRA  Coach: David Survillas - Advanced Coach
Assistant Coach - Kerry Guerrero- U12 Coach

U12 Girls - CORE Coach: Scott Traylor - Advanced Coach
Assistant Coach: Scott Andrew - Intermediate Coach

U12 Girls - EXTRA Coach: Marcus Maltese - Advanced Coach
Assistant Coach: Michelle Sandoval - U12 Coach

U14 Girls - EXTRA Beatrice Villalpando - Advanced Coach
Assistant Coach: Athena Kielbasa - Advance Coach
Coaches select players to participate on the teams participating in the National Games.  If players are currently on a team with the coaches listed above, it does not mean they will automatically be on the teams participating in National Games.


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Calendar of Events

National Games Locations - Riverside and Torrance

National Games Referee Information

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Coach - Tshirt Form - Deadline 4/15/14.

Team Photo - Black and White 3x5 - Deadline 4/15/14

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